Ways to Prepare Yourself before Meeting an Oral Surgeon Kittanning, PA for Surgery


There are different reasons one may need to visit an oral surgeon ranging from getting your jaw realigned or simply having your teeth pulled out. However, this type of surgery is just as serious as regular surgery despite the fact that you are not being put under total anaesthesia. There are several ways that you can prepare yourself for a trip to an oral surgeon Kittanning, PA that would put your mind at ease for the procedure you are about to have.

1. The first important thing to do during your preparation would be to have an open conversation with your oral surgeon. This will help you have a better understanding of what is about to take place. Find out from your surgeon if the procedure is going to affect your life after and in what ways it will do so. This way you can prepare yourself for the healing process. For example, if you are expected to stave off chewing for several days after the surgery, you can stock up on nourishment that will not require you to do so.

2. Consult other dental professionals before you set up an appointment for surgery with your oral surgeon. This consultation will enable you to compare the different prices that are offered to you. You also get a grasp on whether or not there are other procedures you could undergo that do not have to involve surgery. Keep in mind though, that the cheaper option is not always the better option. Always keep your health first so do not opt for something cheaper just because you do not want to spend the extra money on surgery. Consultation with other dental practices may also make you realize you are much more comfortable with a different oral surgeon thus try your best to get second or even third opinions regarding your case.

3. Get in touch with your insurance provider in advance. There are some surgical procedures that need to be approved beforehand before your insurance pays for them. There is nothing worse than getting the procedure done only to find out that you are either not covered by it or that the hospital you will be visiting is not paid by the insurance company you are affiliated to. By checking beforehand, you get to avoid these inconveniences.

4. Get a copy of your medical records from your general practitioner as well as a copy of your dental records from your regular dentist. These should then be handed to the oral surgeon Kittanning, PA that you have chosen. In most case scenarios, the surgeon will want a medical history before they can undertake the procedure. These medical records will come in handy in providing this history.


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