Waxing Is Not Just For Girls

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Salons and Spas

Have you ever experienced being invited in a pool party but you are not ready to wear your bikini because of your body hair? Many ladies are troubled about their unsightly body hair. But with Waxing in Tucson you can now wear your bikini anytime and all year long.

Since waxing became popular, razors have been almost obsolete when it comes to hair removal. Waxing is not just a thing for the women. In fact, there are many well-groomed men who also go for waxing because of its great benefits. There are many popular male and female celebrities who avail of this beauty treatment. Not only does it give them great looks, it also makes them feel good about their body. After each waxing session, you can feel your very smooth and silky skin.

Unlike traditional hair removal techniques, such as razors, waxing is considered as a semi-permanent hair removal technique because it removes virtually all of the hair – from the tip down to the root. Once the hair is removed, the hair will grow slowly in a period of eight weeks, but some people grow hair in as quick as one week.

Since Waxing in Tucson is a special technique, it should be done only by a trained and licensed cosmetologist. There are two different methods of waxing: strip wax (a thin layer of wax is applied over the skin and then stripped using a cloth) and hard wax (a thick layer of wax is applied, made to cool and settle, and then stripped off). People who have sensitive skin are often advised to go for hard wax because it is gentler to the skin.

Waxing is more common among women because of their desire to look flawlessly clean and smooth all the time. However, there are also many men who want to achieve a nice, smooth skin which makes them look younger. Compared with other hair removal techniques, waxing helps save time and provides great results.

Some of the popular Waxing services include the following:

Leg waxing
Bikini wax
Eyebrow waxing
Underarm waxing

Depending on your preferences, you can avail all of these services at the same time. Some women would like to concentrate on certain parts of their body. For example, there are women who want to avail of bikini wax before they go swimming. Each of these waxing techniques is suited for your different beauty needs. The cost of service may also vary based on the type of work to be done and the kind of wax to be used. You can also inquire about available discounts or promos.

As mentioned earlier, waxing is a specialized cosmetic procedure that is reserved only for qualified cosmetologists. Never attempt to do it yourself. You might just end up hurting yourself and see no real results.
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