Water Damage and Bathroom Remodeling


Water damage is almost a given in a bathroom. Up and down the East Coast, in towns like Bowie, MD (and beyond) people have to deal with water damage to their bathrooms. The older the plumbing and fixtures are the more likely something is to be leaky. Even if everything functions perfectly (and given time that’s not a guarantee, that nothing will break or leak) people will still step out of the shower soaking wet and dripping. When water damage happens you have two general responses, you can despair that this fairly common event has happened, or make the best of it and invest in bathroom remodeling. It’s really not that hard of a choice, a few small changes to a bathroom can make for a rather impressive feat of bathroom remodeling.

There’s a rather cliché saying about lemons and lemonades, but there is a bit of truth to it, if you end up having to replace tiling etc because of water damage, that can force your hand into doing the bathroom remodeling you want to have done in your house. Once you’ve had the tile start buckling and peeling up, or you’ve had a massive leak, you can’t make it so it never happened; all you can do is move on. For some people they’ll try to just repair what was damaged, others will use the opportunity to be more ambitious. There are options; a remodeling project doesn’t have to be inordinately expensive. If you keep most of your plumbing intact, and don’t have delusions of grandeur you can get the project done fairly cheaply. There is the option to try the DYI approach but that’s a decision that needs to be made with an appreciation for what’s involved. If you have the skills for bathroom remodeling then it’s something to consider, for a lot of people the only option is to hire professionals to handle the task.

The good news is that because bathroom remodeling is so common, and people enter into it for so many different reasons, firms specializing in bathroom remodeling and repair are proliferated all across America. Despite having a population of only 55K or so, Bowie, MD will actually have many options in town and surrounding it for good firms to handle bathroom remodeling. You didn’t want to get water damage, and you didn’t want your hand forced, but sometimes that’s not the worst thing in the world. If you had plans for the bathroom anyway, and can afford it, use the opportunity to get done what you’ve wanted done for a while. If you’re really lucky the insurance might even chip in a bit, in which case the water damage is actually a good thing as it makes the planned bathroom remodeling cheaper.

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