Utilizing Protective Film in Industrial Applications


There are many different types of protective film on the market. All have their own unique properties and purposes, so it is important to determine what type of tape you need before you actually go to make the purchase. If you are unsure of what products you need, you should be able to call an authorized tape distributor that will be more than happy to help find the right products for you needs. Many products can also be customized by width, length or even die-cut or printed by qualified converters. So if they don’t have exactly what you need, they may be able to have it custom converted to fit your application.

Using Surface Protection Film

Most common surface protection films are usually made out of a polyethylene films with either rubber or acrylic adhesive systems. Depending on the film or adhesive system they can offer outstanding protection and color stability over both short and long term applications. Common applications include flooring/carpet protection, surface protection of high-gloss surfaces and lens or screen protection. Many films help protect against wear, scratches, UV damage or outdoor elements. With the affordably and great performance of these films, businesses can’t find a better solution for their needs.

Uses in the Airline and Flooring Industries

Polyurethane protective tape is often used in broad aerospace applications. Some of the aircraft applications that it is used for include cargo compartments, aircraft interiors, aircraft flooring as a barriers against corrosion or fluid, and other areas where added strength is needed. The protective tape conforms to most surface areas, so it is a high quality affordable solution to get the job done. Temporary UV outdoor protective tape is commonly used in the flooring industry as well, and this protective adhesive offers acrylic medium-track adhesion properties that are effective and affordable. Some films are tinted with a blue hue for UV resistance, identification purposes, and it is easily removed when the process is complete. This tape is perfect for use on vinyl, glass, exterior metals, anodized aluminum, and aluminum. It is commonly used on indoor commercial carpets as well.

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