Uses for Classroom Projectors


Multimedia technology has taken over the modern classroom, providing teachers with alternate methods of teaching and implementing instruction. Traditional classroom projectors were slide projectors or overhead projectors that were cumbersome to move from room to room and did not have many features. The newer projectors are more compact, making it easy for teachers who travel from room to room to transport easily, and the features offer so many different options for making classroom instruction engaging. The newer models also take into consideration every school’s need to save money. With cost effective bulbs and energy saving options on classroom projectors, schools don’t have to worry about these machines eating away at the budget.

Features of Projectors

The features of newer projectors are what make them so great for classroom use. With traditional overhead or slide projectors, teachers had to rely on simple graphics, or even handwritten projector sheets, to capture students’ attention and make learning fun. This is difficult to do when the pictures shown aren’t engaging or the students are just expected to copy notes off an overhead.

Many projectors offer 3-D formats that allow you to show presentations or movies using 3-D technology. Imagine creating a presentation on the dissection of a frog, being able to make the photos 3-D, or showing different graphs and statistics using 3-D pie charts and tables. Classroom projectors can also connect with DVD technology to present video clips or whole movies. With your projector in blank mode, you can quickly make the screen go blank when you need to the students to pay attention to you or direct their attention to their textbooks.

Projectors Work for All Subjects

Teachers who don’t have a formal classroom, such as an art teacher who travels from room to room or a speech teacher who works out of resource rooms, will enjoy the use of compact projectors. These projectors travel well, allowing an art teacher to show students video clips on an artist or examples of certain art techniques. Math teachers can display a daily warm up problem on a projector, and a literature teacher could show photos of different literary characters or authors.

The visual aid classroom projectors provide make learning engaging. Studies show that students who become engaged in the material not only enjoy learning but have a higher chance of retaining the information taught. Even if you have a small school system, the use of one or two shared projectors can help teachers and students explore the world of learning.

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Even if you have a small school system, the use Projector Supercenter’s one or two shared projectors can help teachers and students explore the world of learning.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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