User Friendly Defibrillators Give Everyone the Chance to Save Lives

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Business, Education

Every emergency is different, just like every responder is different. In a world where you have no control over who is administering care during an emergency, you want to know that the equipment that they are using is easy to use and flexible. The Lifepak 1000 is touted to be the leading automatic external defibrillator that is easy to understand and use. When a heart patient suffers heart problems, the first fifteen minutes can be the difference between life and death. An AED with advanced features and capabilities can make a big difference. The Lifepak 1000 is easily used by first time responders and adaptable enough to help professional responders give further care.

Emergency Scenes Are Rough and Tumble

Rugged construction is a must when it comes to the physical properties of an AED. Drop tests and protective bumpers have been devised to ensure that the Lifepak 1000 can take the abuse. Transporting an AED in a vehicle can provide a rough and tumble ride with constant vibrations as well. The Lifepak AED has been tested and proven, to ensure that the product can withstand harsh conditions, while still providing superior results. AED devices need to be able to take any type of abuse and still offer industry leading defibrillation power. The product is capable of 360 joules, so power is not a problem. Before it is determined whether or not a shock is necessary, an AED device needs to be able to offer instruction without interruptions. CprMax technology allows for minimal interruption when charging, while the compressions are being administered.

Instruction Is Important While Under Stress

When under stress, even professionals can freeze. This is another reason why an AED device needs to be able to give visual and audio instructions. The countdown timer for CPR on this system gives direction for the amount of time that CPR should be given according to the system protocol. If the cardiac victim needs to be shocked, there are three lead ECG functions that are available. The digital display records the number of delivered shocks for additional insight. The display is much larger and easier to read, so it is quite beneficial. In addition to all of these functions, the system uses compatible technology with electrodes that are used with other defibrillators of the same brand.

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