Use Overlays To Change The Color And Texture Of Asphalt


One of the latest technologies available from surfacing contractors in Hertfordshire is overlays. With overlays, homeowners can finish their driveways in any way they prefer, while still using the base material of choice.

Before overlay processes were invented, asphalt surfacing contractors in Hertfordshire could only offer asphalt, concrete, or a gravel driveway, each with its attendant look and feel. For this reason, if a homeowner wanted properties that favored asphalt, then he was obliged to accept the black, rough look. If on the other hand, his requirements specified concrete, then he had to accept the smooth, light look. Overlays changed all of this. Now homeowners can choose the base materials based on their requirements for cost and durability, and then apply an overlay to give exactly the look and feel they desire. Now, asphalt driveways can be light and concrete driveways dark or textured.

Homeowners tend to choose asphalt in the first place if cost is their main concern. Based on the prices of crude oil, asphalt is generally 30% cheaper than concrete. It is also more resistant to cold weather, and easier to repair when the cold weather causes cracks in the surface. On the other hand, concrete is much more durable, almost three times more so than asphalt. It is also the material of choice in very hot climates where high temperatures can actually soften the asphalt. On hot enough days, asphalt will melt enough to transfer to shoes and track to adjoining surfaces.

Surfacing contractors in Hertfordshire can explain how overlays themselves are asphalt or concrete mixed with polymers. This material forms a protective coating over the underlying surface like the enamel on a tooth. One immediate benefit is that it removes the requirement to seal asphalt, making it almost as maintenance free as concrete. A second benefit is that the material can be tinted with any material desired. Thus, an asphalt driveway can be installed ivory white if desired. There are also a full range of colors including the popular earth tones that match so well with houses and the surrounding landscape. Yet a third benefit is that this surface can be finished with a range of textures including geometric designs. It can be smooth or rough, or it can be finished to look like interlocking bricks or pavers. The effect is beautiful. In addition, the rougher surfaces make the driveway safer in icy weather.

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