Unleash Your Inner Seductress with Sexy Lingerie

by | Apr 26, 2012 | Shopping

Why wear sexy lingerie? Why Not? Are you one of those people whose drawer is stuffed with wooly bunny socks, granny underpants, the odd stocking with the ladder that you never use? If so, it’s time for an innerwear revamp! Sexy lingerie is a must in every woman’s (and some men’s) closet. Everyone has those days when they want to pull out all the stops and just feel alluring and sexy.

Sexy lingerie allows you to feel sexy and explore your sensual nature. There is no denying this. For the night out on town when one is dressed to kill, to the day you just want to jump your partner in the bedroom, slipping on some sexy lingerie makes you feel more sexy immediately, making you that much more confident in your seduction. Wearing sexy lingerie immediately boosts your confidence and makes you feel more sexual, which reflects in the way you move and use your body. Even if no one can see your sexy lingerie- believe me –the effect it has on your mood and movements will show!

The right lingerie does more than make you feel sexy. It actually makes you look sexy. If you want to show off your body in that skin tight dress, lingerie, can go a lot way to help you do that. The right bra can plump up your breasts, and the right underwear can erase that panty line. A bright and colorful brassiere strap can make a spaghetti top look a wee bit more playful.

You can be different kinds of sexy; wild, demure, flirtatious, slightly naughty, completely raunchy. A little lace or spandex in the right place can do so much. A colorful tiny thong, a racy g-string, a lace nighttime, a satin camisole—take your pick. Wear what you are feeling and give yourself that instant sexy boost. For those extra special seductions don’t be afraid to go all out. Think fishnet stockings and garter belts, a lace baby-doll, or some crotch-less panties.

Mixing up your lingerie choices can spice up your sex life. Surprise your partner with something outrageous and wild one day. Change it up by switching to something coy and sexy another day. Plan a “spontaneous” striptease session. Think about sexy costumes. Ask your partner what sort of lingerie they’d like to see you in, and surprise them one night when they least expect it. Ask your partner to join you in the lingerie shopping if you like!

Pick lingerie that suits your body type and flatters your shape. Also focus on lingerie that fits with how you feel and your sexual personality—shy, naughty, playful, etc. Feel free to experiment and try outfits that are slightly different that you’d usually choose to see how you like it. Focus on lingerie that makes you feel sexy, but at the same time, make sure you feel comfortable in it. Wear it a couple of times privately if it helps.

For some excitement with the girls, throw a lingerie party and invite all your friends. Try on the different styles of lingerie you can buy and have some fun doing it!


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