Understanding The Reasoning Of Zechariah 14 Commentary


revelationrevolution1 When you read scripture, you have to take the scriptures both before and after a particular area in order to get a full sense of what the story means. For so many, people pick up one or two scriptures and try to apply them but that is not possible. There is only one application from a particular scripture or verse but what for each person can be different. For instance, if you are to look at Zechariah 14 commentary you would see that prophesies pertaining to Israel are far different from the other nations building up around them.

Zechariah as a whole is setting a political scene. There are many different stories being told such as physical, spiritual and geographical but the main stage is set in the political arena. Any Zechariah 14 commentary will bring to the table the different players involved and who they actually are. The earlier parts of the book talk about the downfall of the other nations and how Israel will come back up to be a jewel for the King for his arrival.

You must look at the whole book of Zechariah to understand chapter 14. Above all, as all parts of the Old Testament do so well, is point to the coming King which the Jewish people are still waiting for and the Gentiles believe has already come. This book in particular talks about how things will be when the King does finally take his throne and rules. There will be a point of turmoil and the latter part of the book even talks about Armageddon and what that will look like in the end times.

While at the time of writing of the book, Israel has been long demised but there is a turning of the tides so to speak. The purpose of the book is that of encouragement about what God can do in the midst of turmoil and to restate the promise that God has given his people and will continue to see until the end. The political scene is turbulent and through that turmoil you see how one nation rises and falls all in the midst of a spiritual battle.

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