Understanding the Bail Bonds Process


If you have never been behind bars, the process of getting bail for your release may be confusing. Understanding what is involved in the bail bonds process in Wise County, TX can provide you with the peace of mind you need. There are many options available to help you, and working with an attorney to get the charges dropped is one of the most important steps. However, first you will need to find a reputable bail bondsman so you can get out of jail right away.

Finding a bail bondsman you can rely on

The first step after your arrest is to find a bail bondsman if bail has been set by the courts in Wise County, TX. The courts can have you released until your court date, but if they feel that the charges are serious, they may set bail in order to ensure that you appear in court. Once this happens, you need to pay the full amount of bail to get out of jail. There may be some fees associated with using a bail bondsman, but most people find that the fees are quite manageable.

How to get in touch with a bail bondsman

For the defendant, it may be challenging to find the right bail bondsman in Wise County, TX while they are behind bars. Although they are allowed to contact the company directly, they don’t have access to a computer to research the best company. This is why a family member is usually contacted, and then the family member goes about getting the right bail bondsman who can offer the needed assistance. Once the bail bondsman is contacted, they will need to get the basic information of the defendant, such as their name; contact information; the jail they are in; the amount of bail needed; any previous arrests; and other similar information.

Why the need for bail?

Bail is set by the court to guarantee that the defendant will make their appearance in court. The amount set can vary, and is contingent upon the charge. It is also dependent upon the judge’s discretion about how much bail to set. Although the courts deem it necessary to set bail, it can be very inconvenient when the money is not readily available. In this situation, working with a bail bondsman can help you to procure the funds needed for bail right away.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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