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Many people go through phases of life experiencing dental pain. They will not seek treatment for various reasons, all of which vary from fear to money issues. But one thing holds true: One of the biggest reasons for dental pain is toothache. Some of the time, these aches are caused by decay of the dental root, at which point a root canal is needed.

Endodontics is the process of removing the tooth nerve and its blood vessels, and therefore the vitality of the damaged tooth. A methodical root canal near Macon GA of a tooth is necessary when the nerve inside becomes inflamed or infected, either by decay or the influence of an external flash.

Benefits of endodontics
Having a natural tooth extraction performed.
Removing dental infections and its consequences like halitosis.
Prevents loss of bone that supports the tooth.
Any mobility and movement of the adjacent teeth is avoided.
Avoids an increase in dental treatment costs.

Importance of root canals
The inflammation of the nerve of a tooth is so painful. Even the possibility of it happening can be excruciating to some, so it is better to perform the root canal before it reaches a certain point. A root canal in Macon GA is done to avoid having to remove the tooth itself. If not done, the piece continues to degenerate, and the tooth infection will become increasingly large and a tooth extraction will be necessary.

Endodontic treatment options
Depending on the tooth, a root canal can be uni-radicular, bi-radicular or multi-rooted. A root canal treatment is usually done in one sitting, but there are times when the treatment to perform a root canal should be done in two sessions, such as when there is a lot left or when there is a dental infection present.

Phases of treatment
The phases of an endodontic treatment are:

Open: an opening is made in the crown of the tooth.

Instrumentation and irrigation: The pulp is removed from the pulp chamber and root canals. Very fine instruments are used, called limes, to clean and prepare to seal the ducts.

Duct sealing: When the ducts are completely clean and free of infection, they are filled and sealed with material that prevents re-entry of bacteria.

If you would like to know more about a root canal near Macon GA, contact your local dentist today.

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