Tulsa Social Security Law Firms Represent Clients During the Appeals Process


A person whose application for Social Security disability benefits has been denied must file an appeal within 60 days or the appeals process is no longer available. Many individuals in this situation are dealing with emotional stress and physical pain, and claim rejection makes them feel even worse. When the circumstances seem overwhelming, Tulsa Social Security law firms can help with that appeal and get the process moving.

Relevant Statistics

It’s important not to just give up after the claim denial. This situation is very common, with about 70% of the applications being turned down by the Administration. In contrast, more than 50% of the appeals are approved. Those odds may still not look great, but they certainly make the appeal worth pursuing. With the help of Tulsa Social Security law firms people increase their chances of success.

Complicated Rules

The rules and guidelines the Administration follows are complicated and rigorous. Many valid claims are denied because the applicant filled out the paperwork incorrectly or did not include all the documentation that would prove long-term disability. The agency’s representatives are on the alert to detect fraud, as they realize a minority of applicants do exaggerate their condition.

Updated Medical Verification

A disability attorney recognizes the kind of medical verification that may be missing from the application. Updates may be necessary because some time has passed. If the Administration requests an independent medical exam, the lawyer can assist in this process as well. Sometimes the agency wants a more objective opinion if the claimant has been seeing a family doctor with whom there is a long-established professional relationship. They want confirmation of a long-term functional disability.

Regaining Quality of Life

Once the person hands over the reins to a disability lawyer, so to speak, there’s no need to worry about making errors or following up on the situation. The attorney handles all the details throughout the appeals process. The client can focus on reaching maximum medical recovery and regaining quality of life. Contact Social Security Law Center for your free consultation. Get started at the website Sslcnow.com.

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