Top Things to Avoid when Remodelling your Home

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Remodeling

 Trends in homes are just about as fickle as trends in fashion. When remodelling your home you want to be certain you are not mistakenly adding a luxury to your home which will actually turn out to be a feature of homes gone by in another year or two. The home remodelling Sumner County TN home owners are constructing are steering clear of these soon to be passé trends:

* Outdoor Kitchens: Nice to have, but expensive to build and maintain, home owners are steering clear of the outdoor kitchen.

* Outdoor Fireplaces: The older sister of the outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplaces are also moving further down on the must haves for custom homes. These are the large, ornate fireplaces popular in the past ten years, not smaller fire features in gardens.

* Sun Rooms: Unless you are building a home in Florida, sun rooms are tres passé.

* Wasted Space: Features such as two story rooms are becoming space wasters as opposed to popular features. The same goes for two story foyers which are big energy wasters.

* Fancy Home Theatres: A room completely dedicated to a home theatre is another wasted space and people are more apt to ask for a main floor office with a separate entrance than a massive home theatre. These can be incorporated into family rooms and rec rooms quite nicely with the latest electronics available.

* Extravagant Master Baths: People have been a little crazy with hundred of shower heads and entire rooms dedicated to a shower stall. Luxury bathrooms that are way over the top are going the way of the dodo.

* Formal Living Room: People are leaning more towards larger kitchens with open concept family rooms or great rooms as opposed to a large formal room set aside for guests. It is more of a casual living style even the most well endowed families are enjoying.

* Spa Tubs: Those tubs with the unsightly jets are very 80’s now. Instead people are opting for large, stylish soaker tubs which are becoming the focal point of the new luxury bathroom.

Of course it’s your home and what you want is what you should get. That said, the home remodelling Sumner County TN homeowners may find distasteful could pose an issue should you decide to sell your home in the near future.

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