Top Reasons To Add A Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven To Your Restaurant


Any restaurant that offers pizza on the menu should consider the addition of a commercial wood fired pizza oven. However, it is important to get the right commercial pizza oven and not end up with a wood fired oven that is inefficient or fails to offer the cooking capacity you require.

Benefits to Consider

There are many different reasons a commercial wood fired pizza oven is a great choice. The following are just a few benefits to consider with this investment:

  • Better quality pizza – a wood fired pizza with a revolving floor produces an evenly cooked pizza without the need for staff to move the pizza during the cooking process.
  • Single person operation – thanks to the revolving floor, one person can manage pizza prep and cooking without difficulties. This not only cuts down on kitchen staff, but helps to reduce the operating budget.
  • Multiple pies – different sizes of revolving commercial pizza ovens can cook a single pizza up to several pies. Adjustments to temperature and speed of rotation allow for customized operation for consistent cooking.
  • Ambiance – building in a commercial wood fired pizza oven to face the front of the restaurant provides the natural attraction of the wood fire and the great smell of cooking pizza.
  • Long life – a quality commercial pizza oven will last a lifetime with just minor maintenance.
  • More than pizza – with adjustments easy to make with the backup gas heat, restaurants can also use the wood fired pizza oven for other types of breads and baked items.

Make an Investment

Purchasing a quality wood fired commercial pizza oven is a great investment. Take the time to compare options and choose the one that meets your needs.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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