Tips on How to Respond to an SSI Disability Claim Rejection in Halifax

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If your disability application was denied, you could file for an SSI disability appeal in Halifax. Depending on the rejection, there are several techniques you might be able to use to enter the program successfully.


One of the most critical factors is to reapply in a timely manner. If you miss this window of opportunity, the SSI department will likely never approve your case. Note the date on the denial letter you received from SSI. You only have 60 days to respond.


In order to be reconsidered, you will need to submit several new forms, and how you fill them out is vital. You will need to build up your case, and some ways you can do that are with additional medical information and more medical opinions. A physician can elaborate on your condition and the limitations it is causing on your daily living activities. If possible, supply more testing documents.


On the appeal forms, you can explain why you feel the department should reconsider you, but the space is limited. Take the time to craft an effective and transparent letter. You will need to alert the SSI department of this letter by noting you have attached some additional paperwork to your packet.

Professional Assistance

An SSI disability attorney can help you gather the forms, fill them out, and build a more substantial case. When an individual is dealing with medical issues, this procedure can be overwhelming because of the deadlines and paperwork. For more help with an SSI disability appeal in Halifax, contact Cunningham Law Group.

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