Three Things You Should Avoid When Shopping for a Student Apartment

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Apartments

If you are a couple of years into college, you are probably ready to move off of campus. The added privacy, workspace, and just peace of mind that comes with UNCW student apartments can’t be beaten and will likely improve your grades. Of course, not all apartments are created equal, so avoid these three things when you are making your choice.

1. It’s Too Far – Have you looked at gas prices? That’s just one of the reasons you shouldn’t move into UNCW student apartments that are too far from campus. The last thing you want to do is waste half of your day sitting in traffic because you chose an apartment with a terrible commute. Try the drive at least once during a high traffic time to see what you’re dealing with.

2. Cost – Make sure you add up all the costs associated with your apartment before you make a choice; this means adding things like utility bills, internet, and any other fees to your costs to make sure it is in your budget. It’s still cheaper than the dorms, though.

3. Not Secure – Make you determine how safe a property is before you move there. Drive by at night to see if the parking lot is safe. An apartment building with a gate is the ideal option.

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