Three Reasons to Hire a Crime Scene Cleaning Business in Oregon


A crime scene can leave behind a devastating mess to clean up, but some property owners mistakenly believe that they should clean up the mess by themselves. However, there are three main reasons that a property owner should only hire a professional crime scene cleaning business in Oregon to take care of a property following a crime.

Legal Reasons

The state of Oregon has specific laws regarding what can be cleaned up when the scene can be cleaned and what type of materials may be used. Companies that choose to use crime scene cleaning businesses in Oregon are choosing professionals who have the proper training to understand the legal ramifications of cleaning up a scene. These professionals will be able to follow all of the rules and regulations that are required by state and local governments.

Property Values

Many crime scenes can leave behind stains that are almost impossible for amateurs to get out of the furniture, walls, or carpet, and these stains will dramatically decrease the property value. Having blood stains, for example, that cannot be removed from the rug, will drive down the value of the property. Professional crime scene cleaning businesses will be able to remove the stains and allow property owners to retain property values.

Mental and Physical Safety

Blood and other bodily fluids pose a physical safety issue by carrying diseases such as MRSA and HIV. Cleaning up a crime scene can also be emotionally devastating, especially if the property owner was close to the victim of the crime. By hiring professional cleaners who have experience in handling crime scenes, both the mental and physical safety of property owners will be protected.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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