Three of the Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Auto AC Repair in Moore, OK


Air conditioners are undeniably one of the greatest inventions ever. They can transform the inside of an area into a cooler, more comfortable temperature that helps people beat the heat of the day. It’s especially crafty that some genius somewhere figured out how to put them in automobiles. However, air conditioner units in cars are very temperamental. For people who live in the area in Oklahoma, they might want to get their car AC checked out before it completely goes out.

Here are three of the tell-tale signs that a driver may need auto AC repair in Moore, OK.

Strange Noises

Does the AC unit make weird noises when it’s started up? Noises characterized as clanking or grinding can be a serious indicator that there’s some issue with the compressor. This is when to go try to get it fixed, when the fixes are minor; not after it goes completely out and the cost and labor will be much more of an issue.

Initial Hot Air

When a fully functional AC starts up on a hot day, it will blow air that’s equal to the climate. So if it’s 100 degrees in the climate, it will blow air that’s the same temperature, until the compressor kicks in. However, in this instance, the “hot” air feels very hot, like heat coming straight from the engine, and this is a sign that something’s not right.

Leaking Fluid

Many people have looked under their cars before to find leaking fluid. If it’s not oil, what else could it be? Unfortunately, it could be the coolant that the compressor uses, and there could be a leak or a crack. This is the time to go get it checked out.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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