Three Big Benefits of Getting an Outdoor Enclosure in Ft. Myers, FL


Outdoor enclosures have been popular for a long time, but today’s range of materials and construction techniques makes these home add-ons extremely desirable. Especially in an area like Fort Myers, Florida, which is located on a unique inlet, the scenery and the weather may dictate some sort of exterior enclosure.

For people who live in the area, here are three benefits of going with an outdoor enclosure in Ft. Myers. FL.

Perfect Outdoor Space

An outdoor enclosure transforms the outside of a home into a livable space that has a lot of function. This is ideal for sitting rooms, play rooms, outdoor kitchens, and much more. Without the same sort of costs associated with adding the entire construction workup, an outdoor space may be exactly what’s needed for many homeowners.

Adding Equity and Value

This space will also add a lot of value to the home. If a homeowner wants a unique selling point for the home that will drive up the asking price, an outdoor enclosure may achieve this. Though it can also add a lot of home equity toward mortgages or lending against the home’s value. So it’s a smart investment for homeowners.

Peace and Tranquility

Then there’s the fact that there’s nothing quite like looking out over the beaches in the inlet from a screened-in area. Of course, it’s a huge plus to be safe from the bugs and such, but the cooler environment inside of an enclosure that gives access to the full range of views with the scenery is just priceless.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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