Things to Know About Financial Mis-Sellings and Financial Mis-Selling Claims


Financial mis-selling is a dishonest way to sell something that includes lying about a product or service or a customer’s suitability for a product or service. This can happen if basic customer information isn’t collected and stored properly or if a product is sold that doesn’t meet the needs and wants of the customer.

Such unacceptable actions can lead to serious consequences for those involved, such as court action, fines, and firings from their jobs. Financial mis-selling claims are a result of a consumer being victimised.

Protecting Yourself

There are a number of things people can do to avoid being misled about money. Learning as much as possible about the goods and services they want to buy is one of the most important steps. You can learn more about the product or service online by reading reviews from other users or talking to people who have used the product or service before.

Mis-selling often involves telling customers that they can get returns that aren’t possible or realistic. It is important to do more studying and be sceptical of a product or service that says that it will give you high returns with little risk or work on your part. People who want to buy a product or service should learn about its risks and rewards.

What Happens If You Are a Victim

People should act immediately if they think that they have been the victims of financial mis-selling. This could mean calling the bank or service provider directly to voice issues and try to find a solution. Consumers may also want to look into financial mis-selling claims with the appropriate regulatory body or, if necessary, go to court with the help of a company such as Lincoln Green Solicitors.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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