Things About Window Replacement Greenwich CT Homeowners Should Consider

by | Dec 31, 2013 | Roofing

One of the most common reasons that homeowners replace their windows is to save energy. If you have older, single pane windows on your home, you may be losing a lot of the air that you use to heat and cool your home through the windows. This energy loss can be in addition to any lost energy from gaps or leaks around the windows.

To get the most out of Window Replacement Greenwich CT homeowners should consider double-pan windows throughout their home. The gap between the layers is the reason double-pane windows are more energy-efficient than thicker single pane windows. Double-paned glass is manufactured with a gas trapped between the layers. That gas helps to keep the temperature constant on each side of your windows without transferring it to the other side.

Another way to use replacement windows to reduce your heating and cooling costs is to buy windows with low-emittance coating. This special coating is clear so it does not affect the light that enters your home. The coating can be used to prevent radiant heat loss while allowing solar heat into your home.

The actual glass in your new windows is not the only thing that affects your energy-efficiency. Your window frame also plays a role in the amount of warm or cool air that escapes from your home through the windows. While wood frames may be more attractive, they are not the most energy-efficient option. An insulated vinyl frame is most effective at lowing your energy bills and keeping your home comfortable throughout the heating and cooling seasons.

Whether your windows are drafty or the wood frame is rotting, choosing the right windows when you replace them can make a significant difference in your energy bills. When choosing a company to install Replacement Windows Greenwich CT homeowners look for a company that has been doing business locally for a number of years and has testimonials to back up its claims. A reliable company will offer a guarantee that you will be satisfied with their service.
For more information on how replacement windows can help you lower your energy bills, contact Double R All Home Improvements.

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