There’s nothing worse than Termites in Orange County

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Pest Control

Termites are one of the worst insects in the world. They can destroy your home, and reduce it to nothing depending on how fast they work. When you have Termites Orange County, a professional should be called upon to fix the problem so that you’re foundation and home’s frame will be safe and sound. On average, It only takes a few years for termites to eat their way through a home’s foundation, just enough for the problem to escalate to a point that you need termite removal services in Orange County.

Usually, termites get into your woodwork when a lot of rain happens, most commonly the spring and fall. Once the rain goes away, the wood, especially the frame and the foundation of the home remain cooler, and damp so it is easier for the termites to begin their work and start eating away, destroying everything in their wake. While they won’t eat a whole beam, they will eat enough of it that the wood is compromised and will have to be replaced. If you don’t call a termite removal service in Orange County to come and look, then you risk your house crumbling bit by bit as things settle and the walls inside the home can shift or crack as they become more unstable.

Termites Orange County can be a huge problem. While most people have never seen a termite or know what to look for, this is all the more reason to call a professional to fix the job so that it gets done correctly. Termites often migrate as well so anyone that has them within a five mile radius of your home could end up sharing their bug problem with you because termites will go to wherever there is fresh food for them. They aren’t discriminate about the type of wood that your home is built from. They will eat from any type of wood.

If you think that you may have Termites Orange County, call a professional to have your home inspected. Someone will be able to come out and tell you if you have termites and the likeliness of your getting them.


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