The Storage Unit: a Hoarder’s Best Friend


If you’re like me, and quite a handful of the rest of the population, you have a lot of stuff. Ok, well, maybe a lot is an understatement. I might as well classify myself as a novice hoarder. Despite the fact that I live in a 2 bedroom condo, I have enough stuff to possibly comfortably fill a 4 bedroom house. Now, I’ll give myself a break – I just moved last month. But what I’ve done is go ahead and purchase a small sized storage unit to fill right on up in anticipation of the big move. It’s so convenient to have because I was not feeling rushed to move completely in all in one day. I mean moving is already bad enough, but trying to move everything in a day is completely bonkers! What I did was I took the weekend to move in the necessities, and every weekend since then, I’ve gone back to bring home another load of my precious, beautiful stuff!

One of the beauties of having a storage unit is that you have essentially increased the square footage of your home at an off-site location. For instance, a lot of people actually own businesses and use their storage units as a warehouse. Because really, who wants to have their garage filled with their excess inventory? The storage unit I have is about 6″ x 10″ and is plenty of space for me. But a lot of times, and especially if this is your first encounter with storage units, you might not know how big of a storage unit you will need.

This is where St. Anne’s Self Storage comes into play. When you are looking for Storage Winnipeg MB Canada you will find that St. Anne’s Self Storage offers great services that make it stand apart from the crowd. If you don’t know how large of a unit you need, they will help you figure out what size storage unit will work for you. This company prides itself on offering you confidence in being a safe and secure location for you to keep your valuables. Or in my case, stuff.


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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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