The Simple Process To Get A Medical Marijuana Card


Specialized clinics across the state of Florida, including clinics in Fort Myers, FL, make the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card simple and easy for patients. The MMJ card is required to purchase medical cannabis from any dispensary around the state.

Complete a Pre-Qualification Exam

Patients with a qualifying or eligible medical or psychological condition can pre-qualify for a recommendation for medical marijuana through an easy-to-use online application. This application lists the eligible conditions recognized by the state. It also provides medical marijuana doctors with the ability to qualify a patient for medical conditions that are “the same class or kind.” Patients have the option to choose this box as the condition for the application.

Schedule the Appointment

Florida requires an in-person meeting with a medical marijuana doctor. Patients in Fort Myers, FL, can choose any time available to meet with the doctor, making it convenient to book an appointment on your schedule. Online booking further streamlines the process.

Prior to the appointment, the medical marijuana doctor reviews the patient’s intake form and medical records. During the appointment, the doctor will discuss the patient’s medical history and answer questions. If the patient qualifies, the doctor then enters the patient’s information into the state registry.

The Next Steps

Once the patient information is entered into the state registry, the patient receives an email with a link to the medical marijuana card application. The patient completes the application and pays the required fee. Once completed, a temporary medical marijuana card is sent by email. The actual MMJ card arrives by mail in about ten business days.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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