The Rise of Value-Based Healthcare Requires New Coding and Data Solutions


Perhaps there’s no greater trend in the healthcare industry today than the movement toward value-based care. It’s a healthcare delivery system that places a premium on health outcomes for patients, thus recognizing that the ultimate purposes of doctors and nurses are to treat illness successfully, reduce the recurrence of illness, and help people live healthier lives overall.

It’s critically important to note and understand that value-based healthcare must be evidence-based healthcare.

Documentation Is Key

This, in turn, has placed urgent importance on clinical documentation practices. Because profits and bottom lines are increasingly predicated on proving that physicians and staff are providing high-value healthcare, providers are turning to advanced software applications to prove the efficiency of their practices.

The problem for most practices, however, is handling the almost astronomical amount of data. Opting to outsource data-handling tasks has become a major trend as a result.

Outsourcing Coding

An important facet of data processing is healthcare coding. More hospitals and clinics are opting to hire an outside healthcare coding company to ensure that they are completing this critical task in a way that is legally compliant and demonstrates improvements in value-based care.

The advantages of contracting with a healthcare coding company are numerous. To name just one, studies show that it dramatically reduces physician burnout. Doctors are burdened more than ever today with the demand to handle coding and documentation. It adds stress for highly trained medical professionals who would rather concentrate on what they do best: treating and interacting with patients.

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, based in Culver City, California., is a healthcare coding company that can handle coding tasks at the highest levels of efficiency and with exceptional transparency. They can help providers prove they are delivering superior value to their patients.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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