The Recruiting Process: How A Temp Agency Orange Selects Applicants

by | Jul 26, 2013 | Business

A temp agency Orange is a business or service in which you are placed within temporary jobs based on your skills and the needs of the employer. Typically, you are assigned to perform specific duties related to each job assignment. Assignments encompass a vast amount of industries that range from clerical to industrial.

The Hiring Process

A recruiter is your first point of contact within a temp service. She or he takes your application either in person or online. The application is reviewed based on your employment history and skills you possess. Once the recruiter determines whether he or she has assignments available to accommodate your skills, you receive a phone call to visit their office to perform a skills assessment.The skills assessment is testing to determine your proficiency within your given skills. For instance, a clerical worker is tested on several forms of software to establish proficiency. The areas of testing include word processing, data entry, and typing. Some employers require specific proficiency levels for their temp workers. If you match these levels, you are sent for a drug screening which is required for all employers.


A temp service sends all temp workers to a medical facility for drug testing. The service additionally conducts a criminal background check for all prospective employees. Within the screening process, a recruiter also determined work eligibility for the applicant to establish that he or she is allowed to work within the country legally.

Reference Checks and Verifications

A temp service contacts all individuals who the applicant lists as a reference. The recruiter additionally verifies all previous employment listings to include the date and actual job title. She or he discusses the applicant’s work ethic and job performance with all previous employers and references.

Verification of education is another concept that is required by a temp service. He or she will contact the college or university listed by the applicant to verify graduation and the program in which they studied. A temp agency Orange may require the college to complete a form for their employee records. This record is used to establish validity of education for prospective employers.


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