The Perks of Hiring an Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Bellingham, WA


When you have been in a car wreck, you face making serious decisions in the coming hours and days. You must decide where you would like your car towed to be repaired. You also need to focus on healing from any injuries that you have suffered.

You also realize that these ramifications are expensive and take away from your ability to continue with your normal life. You do not have to pay for them, however, when you hire an auto accident injury attorney in Bellingham, WA to pursue the person who caused the wreck.

Getting Your Claims Filed

Your lawyer will be instrumental in getting your insurance claims filed as quickly as possible. He or she can approach the responsible party and demand this person’s insurance information. He or she can then file your claims and pursue payment from the insurer.

Suing for Punitive Damages

Your lawyer can also sue the responsible person for punitive damages. You may have suffered emotional or mental distress because of the accident. The person at fault owes you punitive damages under your state’s personal injury laws. Your lawyer can request an adequate sum from the insurer or the policy holder.

Having an auto accident injury attorney in Bellingham, WA, on retainer can be invaluable for getting the compensation and payments that you need to heal and move forward. You can learn more by going to Sitename and requesting a free consultation today.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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