The many faces of a vinyl fence


Vinyl fencing is much easier to maintain than traditional fences constructed of wood and they are available to the homeowner in a range of attractive designs and types. Vinyl fences in Saint Paul MN are manufactured from strong, durable plastics, developed to ensure many years of trouble free service and minimum maintenance. Vinyl fences can withstand weather extremes, from the hot summers to the deep freeze of winter; they also have resistance to ultraviolet rays which keeps the material safe from damage from exposure to the sun.

One of the most popular vinyl fences is called a privacy fence; this style is ideal for blocking the view of your garden from passers-by and neighbors. Privacy fences are very popular as a swimming pool enclosure, not only providing a high degree of privacy but making it extremely difficult for children to enter the pool area unaccompanied. A similar design called a semi-privacy fence is made from spaced pickets that are either installed in a horizontal “board like” design or woven in a wavy pattern. These fences provide some degree of privacy but it is possible to look out and in through the slats.

Vinyl picket fences in Saint Paul MN are very popular and also very attractive; they emulate the old world style of defining one’s property lines. They are rarely over four feet high, much shorter than a privacy fence. This type of fence is not intended to provide privacy; this fence is primary used to mark property lines and is good for keeping stray dogs out of the garden and your pet in. Many people use picket fences to define an area inside their property, often setting aside an area for a vegetable garden.

Although the vinyl fence material is standardized, this does not stop the homeowner, designer or installer from customizing a fence design by using standard components in a non-standard fashion. Not only can different components be mixed and matched, there are also a number of colors that can be used with good effect.

The life expectancy of a vinyl fence is many years but the homeowner should make sure that the fence that is chosen is erected with stainless steel fasteners as this will result in not only a stringer fence, but a fence that will never be streaked with rust from standard screws and fittings.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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