The Journey to New Condo Ownership

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Real Estate

New condos San FranciscoThere will never been a better time than the present to buy new condos in San Francisco. A few years ago it was very hard to sell a condo because people were more inclined to rent properties than to buy them. As the economy begins to struggle again there will be a drop in purchases and again people will turn to renting. So if you are going to begin purchasing, now is the time to do so.

Inclusive Condos

New condos San Francisco offer many amenities that are wrapped up within the price. If swimming or working out is not your thing, then purchasing a condo that comes with those items might not be what you need. Take the time to look around and do not rush into something. Firstly you have to consider the location. If you plan to live there long term, you want to make sure the neighborhood is going to continue to flourish and prosper. It is important to look at the schools to ensure they will meet your children’s needs. These types of variables will probably affect the resale value of your home.

True Market Statistics

When you choose reputable real estate agent can provide you with a market analysis. If the condo you choose is not new, it is important for you to measure how it has appreciated over the years that the current owners have been living there. It is a good idea to review the minutes of the homeowners association. If there were serious issues that were never handled, then this is not the right purchase for you. You also want to make sure that the association is financially stable and can cover issues such as leaks in the basement instead of having the tenants pay for it. Ask when the last fee increase was so you can measure how often you will have to face future increases.

Lastly, your new condos in San Francisco should be surrounded by harmony and balance. There should be trees and pleasing landscape. Other buildings that surround it should be of similar size. The front entrance should be easily visible from the road. Believe it or not, these things matter. You want the visual stimulus that not only you, but others around you to perceive a positive view of your new home.

New condos San Francisco

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