The Intricacies of Auto Tint Connecticut


Auto tint is an industry that has many facets to it. If you are looking for a good auto tint, Connecticut installer, it is advisable that you be familiar with some of these facets. Tinted windows provide lots of advantages for car owners. Window tint helps keep out 60 percent of all incident rays from the sun that causes the incredible heating of your car. This is one of the major reasons for window tinting. Picture a black car without tint parked in the hot summer sun. Such a car has the potential to heat up and cause great discomfort for occupants of the vehicle. The truth of the matter is, a hot car offers little if any reprieve from the unforgiving summer sun.

Auto tint helps block 99 percent of all the UV rays from the sun. This helps preserve the car’s upholstery in its original state by preventing cracking and fading due to prolonged exposure to the sun. You also get to use very little of your fuel that goes into powering the vehicle’s engine, air conditioner, compressor and related mechanical parts. Tint enhances the privacy of the car. This translates to improved security since vehicle burglars cannot see the contents of the car. In the event of an accident, windows with tint do not shatter. This prevents glass injuries that result from shattered glass.

The installation process of an auto tint is usually a three-step process. Auto tint, Connecticut installers use top quality metal-embedded or dyed polyester films. The installer then cleans the inside surface of the auto glass with a special cleaning solution, scrapes off any visible dirt before placing the film on the clean surface. He or she then smoothens any air bubbles out of the film. You can opt for the film that has the legal darkness level in line with Connecticut tint laws as enacted in 1994. It is important to note that the quality of the tint film determines its lights absorption levels as well as its efficacy in blocking harmful rays from the sun.

All top quality auto tint films will break down at some point. However, they have a much longer period of excellent service than the poor quality tint films. The longevity of the tint depends on the level of exposure to the elements- especially the sun, film quality and the quality of the installers’ workmanship. Uneven appearance and bubbles under the film is a clear indication of a poorly installed tint that requires immediate replacing. In order to avoid premature window tint replacement, it is advisable to get a professional auto tint, Connecticut installer. A sticker indicating that legality status of your tint goes a long way in avoiding trouble with the law enforcers.

Auto tint is a great addition to your car especially during the summer months. Please visit Tint Master showroom in Connecticut for more information on auto tinting.


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