The Importance of Regular Health Checks for your Pet


Your pet requires regular health checks including vaccinations County Durham pet owners depend on to keep their pets healthy. Regular checkups will help identify unseen health issues so your pet can be given the medical care they need to keep them well.

The Importance of Discovery
There are many hidden health issues that can worsen if not caught early enough. These conditions can be very dangerous and include everything from cancer to pancreatitis and liver disease to abnormalities from long-term medication.

Summer Appointments
As you probably are aware heartworm can prove deadly for your dog. Regular checkups will allow for immunoassay tests which are run in order to discover heartworm. Summer appointments work well for dogs as vets can address both heartworm and the danger of Lyme disease due to ticks. Your dog can receive heartworm treatments and Lyme disease shots. Keeping regular summer check ups will make it easier to remember to book your appointments. This works well for cats as well and you can arrange for protection against fleas for your pet. vaccinations in County Durham cats require keep them safe from deadly illnesses such as Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Dogs can avoid distemper, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis with vaccines.

Dental Care
Dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of pet care. However 90 percent of dogs will suffer from some form of oral health issues and cats can also be prone to oral health issues. Regular check ups will allow the vets Durham depends on to keep your pet’s oral health in check and help avoid serious issues in the future such as vital organ issues which can be caused by issues such as periodontal disease. Dental x-rays are also important for your dog or cat as a routine part of your pet’s health checks.

In order to provide complete health care for your pet you require regular health checks and the Vaccinations County Durham requires to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Your local veterinarian will provide a complete assessment of your pet’s health and will be able to identify health issues, provide preventative treatments such as vaccines and make recommendations to assist in your pet’s care.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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