The Importance Of Hiring Professionals For A Wisconsin Predominant Use Study

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Financial Services

Companies in qualifying sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, refining, processing, assisted living facilities, hospitality, and recycling, can choose to hire a company to complete a predominant use study in Wisconsin.

This is a voluntary process, and the benefits and potential long-term savings on state and local utility taxes make this a wise choice for any company. Utilities such as natural gas, water, and electrical power used by qualifying equipment and processes are traced to each meter, with a partial refund on the utility taxes based on the results of the utility analysis.

Hiring a professional, experienced, and trusted company to complete a predominant use study is the best way to expedite the process and avoid any problems in having the application for the refund approved.

Look for Expertise

Ideally, look for a company to complete your predominant use study with extensive experience and expertise in the specific industry as well as in Wisconsin. Every state has slightly different legal requirements for the process, and experience is the best way to avoid oversights or omissions in completing the necessary documentation.

Consider the Cost

The top companies completing a utility analysis typically bill on a contingency fee basis. This means that the business does not pay until the utility refund is processed. Only at this time is the company completing the study paid from the refund.

The company completing the study should act on your behalf to answer questions and provide all necessary documentation for the refund. Hiring experts is the best way to streamline the process and save your business money.

The team at B. Riley Financial, Inc. has the expertise and experience to complete your predominant use study in Wisconsin. For more details or to schedule a call, visit our website now.

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