The Food Service Indianapolis Event Planners Know Can Make Things Special

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Business

Every event and party can benefit greatly from the presence of custom catering to provide fine food and drink to participants and party goers. The knowledge and experience of different types of cuisine, serving styles and foods is the reason certain events and dinners attract large audiences year after year. Experienced event and party planners know that the Food Service Indianapolis professionals can rely on is Cibus LLC.

Their services represent the finest and most stylish of food and decor for parties of all sizes. Their company is a Food Service Indianapolis residents have heard of and respected for many years. When their team caters an event, you can be sure that every detail from the smallest to the most largest will be taken care of. Each event undertaken is meticulously planned and performed to meet the individual tastes and requests of the guests. Meals served must not only be delicious but memorable. It is this pride in performance that makes every event seem like a once in a lifetime experience.

The Cibus company is well known for their association with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as their long time caterer for their official and world-class catered dinners and events. Their catering company is also in partnership with the Brickyard Crossing Gold Resort and the adjacent Brickyard Crossing Conference Center. Here their first class catering and food services produces a full schedule of dinners and catered affairs on these historic grounds. Events associated with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway share space with more personal events to create catering magic.

Their success does not end with raceway events. On the contrary, their food service company is creating innovative catering options to serve the men and women of Camp Atterbury and the National Guard in Edinburg, Indiana. They are responsible for meal services for up to 12,000 serving men and women daily at multiple military sites. Here those who serve our country bravely can be served with the highest quality and class of food services available. For the last four years, this has been not just a catering assignment but an honor of the highest order to be able to prepare meals for our nation’s brave service people.

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