The Drawbacks of Not Carrying Auto Insurance CT

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Insurance

Lets face it, driving is just one of those privileges in life that people tend to take for granted. However, in the event that your vehicle breaks down, or you suddenly do not have access to one, the realization of just how important having the ability to drive is, hits hard. Unfortunately, many people forget this, and tend to do things that can put their license to drive into jeopardy. One such action involves neglecting auto insurance. Below, we have outlined two of the most prevalent drawbacks in not carrying auto insurance, and how it can negatively affect you.

Potential Fine If Pulled Over

Whether you are driving slightly over the speed limit, or you just happen to have a tail light out, there are countless reasons that a law enforcement officer could potentially pull you over. And while you may get off with just a warning in some cases, there are aspects during the process of getting pulled over that can turn the situation around quickly. One such aspect that falls into this category is lack of Auto Insurance CT. Typically, when you get pulled over, the law enforcement officer will ask for a proof of insurance. If you are unable to provide that proof, you may get a ticket or receive a fine.

Out Of Pocket Expenses In the Event Of An Accident

In addition to the potential for fines, the more important element of carrying Auto Insurance CT is to avoid out of pocket costs associated with an accident. Obviously, an accident is traumatic for all parties involved, and the damage to the vehicle and or people in the accident can be catastrophic. Without adequate auto insurance, you will be forced to cover these charges on your own.

In all, the privilege of vehicle ownership and operation is a commonly overlooked luxury. As someone who is fearful of this luxury being taken away, ensure that you obey the rules of the road, and stay legal. Part of this process involves getting insured, and carrying around a proof of insurance within your car so that you can prove coverage to law enforcement officers in the event of getting pulled over, or during an auto accident.


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