The different approaches to weed control


A green thumb comes in handy when you want to produce a beautiful lawn or flower garden but it is not a prerequisite for growing a healthy crop of weeds. From the dawn of time when mankind turned from hunting and gathering to growing and cultivating crops weed control has been a problem. Weeds are hardy and extremely tenacious; some weed seeds can survive for years and years. Fortunately there are ways and means for Summer Weed Control Oklahoma City to attack the problem, the methods range from very simple to very involved.

Summer Weed Control Oklahoma City can be grouped into categories; mechanical, organic and chemical. Mechanical weed control is simple; pull it out of the soil as they emerge. This approach is OK but it can be backbreaking work and in many cases the root will not be removed in its entirety and in the process of uprooting the weed, you can easily disturb nearby plants, damaging the roots. A better approach to mechanical weed control is to space the wanted plants close together, in this way the wanted plants crowd out any opportunity for weeds to take hold. To eliminate weeds that grow in the cracks of sidewalks and driveways, burning them out with a propane torch is an often used method.

Many gardeners are in favor of organic weed control. Placing mulch on the garden is a very effective way to stop weeds from taking hold as the thick mulch denies the entry of light to the ground, without light weeds cannot grow. Many gardeners will put down a layer of newspaper first and then the mulch. Other non toxic ways to eliminate weeds is to douse them with salt, vinegar, dish washing liquid or even boiling water. Unfortunately, these solutions are usually short lived and the weeds return quickly.

Chemical treatments include herbicides which either kill off existing weeds or prevent weed growth. Many weeds require a specific herbicide so it is important to match the weed with the correct chemical.

Pre-emergent herbicides are used prior to weed growth, these chemicals work well on crabgrass and dandelions. Post emergent herbicides take on weeds after they have sprouted but unfortunately, some of these products can kill wanted plants as well.

Summer Weed Control Oklahoma City must take place throughout the growing season, starting in the early spring and going right through to winter. You are invited to contact Proformance Turf to discuss your weed and landscaping problems.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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