The Difference between Filtered Little Cigars and Cigarettes


Cigars were initially for the ones with a strong palate and an appreciation of strong flavor. Natural cigars are described as leathery, earthy, woody, and cedary and others depending on the soil the tobacco was grown, environmental factors like fermentation and storage and the plant part that the tobacco was taken from.

Cigar smoke was however not inhaled but provided an opportunity to enjoy the flavor of the cigar. The tobacco in cigars has a way to get nicotine straight to your brain so not inhaling will not hinder you from getting that nicotine fix you were aiming for.

Filtered little cigars are considered very close to traditional cigars. They should therefore not be inhaled like cigarettes. The filter on the filtered cigar should not convince you that it is now safer to inhale because tobacco smoke is really harsh. That said people find it very convenient to inhale from filtered little cigars since the experience is richer than drawing on a normal cigarette.

Type of tobacco

The tobacco in filtered cigars is usually fermented, aged or both processes so as to give the tobacco different flavors. Cigars usually have a blend of only one type of tobacco.

Cigarettes however contain a combination of different types of tobacco that are neither aged not fermented. This makes cigarette smoke a little less harsh than cigar smoke.

Price comparison

Cigarettes are a little more expensive than filtered cigars. That is because of the high taxes imposed on cigarettes so as to reduce the number of people smoking cigarettes.

Bulk shopping

You can make it even cheaper for yourself in a few ways. First of all, buy in bulk. If you do not need that many you can arrange with your friends who also plan to buy them. All of you can contribute to buy a larger amount like a carton thus saving all of you some money.

Walk around some more

There are always bargains out there that just need to be found. If you search around carefully you are bound to find a good brand of filtered little cigars that is going for a much lower price. This does not mean that they will be of a lower quality though.

Consider buying online

Buying online saves you some money too. This is because online shops do not have recurrent expenses like brick and mortar shops have and they are therefore able to reduce the cost and still make profits.

There are very many cigars and tobacco products on the market that you can choose from. Go to and browse through a wide array of these products.


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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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