The Dangers of Using RV and Minivan Services for Interstate Disabled Transport


Safely transporting disabled individuals across state lines requires careful forethought, not to mention the proper equipment. Unfortunately, many individuals who require interstate disabled transport services choose too hastily and end up going with RV and minivan services instead of providers that offer air transport and ground transportation with ambulances. Keep reading to learn more about some of the possible hazards associated with taking that approach.

May Not Have Stretchers That Are Approved for Transport

Many people don’t realize that medical stretchers differ depending on their intended uses. For example, one that’s solely designed for use in hospital settings may not be structurally strong enough to carry a patient who’s being transported over bumpy roads in a medical minivan. However, reputable interstate disabled transport services with fleets of ambulances and medical aircraft generally insist upon only using stretchers that are approved by official transportation regulators for safely carrying patients who are traveling in vehicles.

Safety Records Could Be Questionable

Unfortunately, some companies just exist to prey on the needs of others, and they’re willing to put people’s lives at risk by compromising safety. Some RV and minivan operators that offer interstate disabled transport may not regularly inspect vehicles or provide training for drivers. When in doubt, always choose a company that has a verifiable and strong safety record.

Interiors are Often Too Confining

Minivans are often too small to allow a caregiver to stand fully when providing care or just observing a sleeping patient. Even in the case of RVs, the amount of headspace is so limited that a nurse or other provider risks self-injury just by performing his or her job. In contrast, interstate disabled transport companies that have access to ambulances and airplanes don’t have to worry about problems that stem from a lack of space.

If you have never worked with a company that provides long-distance transportation for disabled people, you may be under the impression it’s okay to hire an RV or minivan service, especially if you’re only doing it once. However, that decision could put the health and safety of a loved one at risk and create unnecessary hassles. Make a smarter choice by deciding you’ll only work with professional providers who have committed to standards that keep patients safe and comfortable.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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