The Benefits of Video ID Verification


In the not too distant past, banks and other financial sector businesses relied on customers coming into a branch to open an account or access their existing accounts. This allowed the staff to check the identification against the person, providing a reasonable level of security.

The Security Benefits of Facial Recognition Software

However, with advantages type of software, criminals were soon able to manipulated and fake identification, resulting in challenges even with in-person authentication. To address this, the use of online verification software that not only matches the image with a database image but also ensures the identification is not manipulated for an added layer of security.

Face recognition software that offers liveness checks is very accurate and provides a real-time verification of the user’s identity. In addition, with the liveness check in place, it ensures the person supplying the selfie is, indeed, alive and not a photograph or a sophisticated type of printed mask.

Stepping Up to Video ID Verification

However, there is one step in addition to biometric face recognition and liveness checks. This is the use of video ID verification.
The use of video ID verification accesses technology available on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It allows the user to create a specific video to not only ensure they are the individual but also to provide a record of the verification process.

The individual recording of the video includes details such as the IP address the video is sent from and the specific device and location. This is added to the document and facial recognition for a comprehensive verification process for high-risk types of transactions.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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