The Benefits of Using CASS Certification Software


Many businesses spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars sending mail out on a daily basis. Some of the mail may contain sensitive material or information that needs to be returned in a timely manner. It is important that the businesses get the mail into the right person’s hands as quickly as possible. There are many times where people may move and forget to notify all of their contacts, which can result in their mail being delayed or returned to the sender. Businesses who have many contacts could struggle to keep up with changes if they are not notified. Without a notification from the client, they have limited resources to find out their new information so that they can get the mail to them on time.

One of the ways that businesses can connect with the USPS mailing list is by using CASS Certification Software. In order for a business to send mail at a discounted rate through the post office, it must use the zip code plus the four digit coding. The CASS Software will help to improve the timeliness that a businesses’ mail reaches their customers. It does this by matching addresses in the database with the post offices’ monthly updated USPS National Address File. This ensures that the address and zip code plus four digit coding are correct and will help to update the company’s system so the correct information is on file. The software will also verify that the post office delivers the mail to the correct address.

By using the CASS Software, companies can save money. This is because it will stop undelivered mail or mail from being delivered to the wrong address. Often times, mail is sent back to the company if it has the wrong address, which can be expensive when it has to be re-mailed. This software will reduce mailing costs significantly and make sure that any sensitive information or pertinent paperwork does not get lost in the mail system. It will also help to stop delays because of a wrong address on file. For companies that do a lot of mailing, this software could save them thousands of dollars a year in postal charges.

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