The Benefits of Moving into BGSU Student Housing This School Year


The dormitories may no longer suit your lifestyle as an upperclassman. You may need more room and privacy than what they can afford you. You also want the freedom to come and go as you please or eat meals that you prepare yourself.

Instead of living another year in the dorms, you can look for a place of your own near campus. You may find the available BGSU student housing to be more in line with your preferences and needs for this coming school year.

Homelike Atmosphere

When you lived in the dorms, you might not have ever really felt like you were at home. You might have felt cramped and crowded. You also may have felt annoyed at having to live in such close proximity to other college students.

However, when you move into your own apartment, you get a homelike atmosphere that can put you immediately at ease after a long day spent in classes. You can kick back, watch TV, study, or sleep in your own bedroom without having to deal with noisy fellow students and roommates. You also avoid having to share amenities like your furniture and TV with other students.

The BGSU student housing is also close to campus, so you can walk or bike there and avoid having to drive your car. You can find out more about the benefits of moving to it by contacting Copper Beech at Bowling Green at

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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