The Benefits Of Eye Surgery In Jacksonville, FL


In Florida, eye doctors provide procedures to assist patients with vision-related issues. These procedures are performed with lasers to mitigate common risks. These risks could lead to permanent vision loss for some patients. The following are the benefits of Eye Surgery in Jacksonville, FL.

Improving the Eyesight

The Lasik eye surgery in Jacksonville, FL involves the cutting and lifting of a thin film over the cornea. The doctor removes the portion underneath the first layer to correct vision. The procedure is performed with a laser and doesn’t present excessive pain for the patient. It is performed in a short amount of time. Within the first 24-hours, the patient discovers the almost immediate correction in their vision. The procedure corrects near and farsightedness.

Removing Cataracts to Eliminate Vision Issues

Cataracts present a milky film over the eye lens. This presents hindrances in vision. The patient may face limited vision due to the size of the cataract. An eye doctor can perform a simple procedure to remove the cataract and improve vision. If the patient has a family history of these conditions, they will need additional surgeries in the future.

Mitigating Risks Associated with Glaucoma

Glaucoma surgery is performed to minimize risks associated with this condition. These risks include eliminating the pressure inside the eye near the optic nerve. The procedure is also utilized to remove fluid that could present blindness. If eye drops aren’t providing adequate benefits, the eye doctor will suggest this procedure.

Correcting Muscular Issues of the Eye

The involuntary turning of the eye can also present patients with vision difficulties. These conditions are corrected through eye surgery. The surgeon utilizes techniques to strengthen the muscles around the eyes. This could include installing a band to prevent the eye from turning inward.

In Florida, eye doctors provide surgical procedures to improve vision and mitigate certain risks. Among these risks is permanent blindness caused by conditions such as glaucoma. The patients can also acquire Lasik surgery to correct minor vision difficulties.

The team at Florida Eye Specialists is committed to advancing ophthalmology and ensuring better, safer outcomes for patient. You can now schedule a virtual visit with our eye care specialists to receive online consultation via telemedicine, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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