The Beneficial Role of Botox with Your Dental Treatments in Illinois

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Family Dentist

You expect traditional treatments for your tooth and gum care when you visit your dentist. However, there are more treatments available that can increase your oral health and also boost your appearance and comfort.

Botox is a surprising part of your dentist toolbox and has many uses in adjusting your smile, diminishing facial pain, and improving your overall well-being. Please read below to learn the role that Botox can play in your dental treatments.

TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders can cause you to deal with symptoms like increased tension, jaw pain, and teeth grinding. These can make it challenging to handle everyday actions like eating, speaking, and even smiling. The discomfort can also cause you to withdraw from social situations and spend more time alone. Fortunately, a treatment with Botox in Lakeview can help relax the muscles responsible for these issues and allow you to regain control over your typical activities.

Gummy Smile

A “gummy smile” is a term used when an excessive amount of your gums is visible when you smile. This exposure can be the typical appearance of your smile and makes you feel self-conscious. Contrarily, it can occur because jaw development issues lead to an improper symmetry of the lips and gums or overly compressed facial muscles over raising your upper lip. Regardless of the reason behind this issue, a treatment with Botox in Lakeview can relax your lips and reduce gum exposure.

There are a few issues where Botox in Lakeview can help. Learn more about Family Dental Care at

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