The Advantages of Teen Invisalign Braces

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Dentist

There are a lot of teens that absolutely fear the thought of having a “tin grin” as they call it. Braces, although necessary for the long run are applied just when a teen is at his or her most vulnerable, they see braces as being ugly and ruining their blossoming social life. Kid’s braces on Long Island no longer have to be this way, Invisalign® Teen take the embarrassment out of improving the alignment and dental health of your child.

Invisalign braces do the same job as traditional braces using bands and metal clamps and wires. They do it though in an almost invisible fashion. Once the orthodontist and you have determined that kid’ braces on Long Island are necessary and Invisalign are the choice, your child will have impressions taken of the teeth. The child will also have a computer image made of the teeth, both of which are used to design the braces.

Invisalign braces are comprised of transparent plastic retainers that fit over the teeth. The first one that is produced is fitted on the teeth as they are, over time more retainers are produced which fit on the adjusted alignment and apply just a little pressure to continue moving the teeth to the alignment the orthodontist is shooting for.

Depending on the initial condition of the teeth, the number of unique Invisalign braces will vary, usually between 20 and 30 different retainers. Each retainer is worn day and night for two weeks; the only time they are removed from the teeth is while eating. After two weeks the next one is used, this procedure goes on until the condition has been corrected. The time frame is about the same as can be expected when traditional wire braces are used.

These kid’s braces on Long Island take all the fear and apprehension out of the thoughts of wearing braces for a year or two. There are no problems in brushing and flossing, it is done as usual. Often the teeth are stained while wearing traditional braces; this is no longer the case. As they are removed when eating there are no limitations on what food can be eaten, if what the child wants interferes with the braces, simply take them out and replace them when finished.


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