The Advantages of Choosing All Wheel Drive in Scottsdale AZ


Nearly half of the cars sold in the United States today have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Often car buyers are unsure of which one to choose, and what it means to have an AWD vehicle. Discover the advantages of selecting All Wheel Drive in Scottsdale AZ.

Going Beyond Front-Wheel Drive

Most of the vehicles people drive still have front-wheel drive, which has been around for decades. The front wheels are driven by the engine, which is the opposite of a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Some trucks and larger vehicles are still made with rear-wheel drive.

How All-Wheel Drive Works

With all-wheel drive, all four tires get power from the engine. The popularity of all-wheel drive has steadily grown over the past three decades as people realized two-wheel or real-wheel drive is often not enough to handle specific terrain. Car buyers are starting to prefer all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles so they can have seamless driving experience.

Get Traction

People want traction when they drive to avoid slippery conditions and potential accidents. Vehicles with All Wheel Drive in Scottsdale AZ provide adequate traction for different types of terrain to give the driver greater peace of mind. The goal is to be able to face any road conditions that are typical to the areas driven each day.

Just Add Tires

All-wheel drive vehicles are useful to get past a variety of road conditions, but the feature cannot be expected to do everything. An AWD vehicle works best with the right tires to handle the road conditions. Selecting an all-wheel-drive car or truck with new tires provides optimum traction and top performance.

Types of AWD

There are two basic types of all-wheel drive vehicles. The first uses the front-wheel drive, and the AWD is turned on as needed. And the second has AWD in-use at all times.

Contact Us today to learn more about the many benefits of selecting an all-wheel-drive vehicle, and how to choose the right one based on a variety of factors. Talk to a team of professionals about vehicle performance, where to get essential parts and service, and preparing to buy the ultimate AWD vehicle.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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