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According to a report issued by the Economic Policy Institute, about 2.4 million employees lost around $8 billion in yearly earnings resulting from violations of the minimum wage law. This equals over $3000 per year for each worker.

Are You Being Paid in Accordance with the Law?

According to attorneys at the Britton Law Offices, LLC, minimum wage earners are not the only people who are underpaid. Employees can be underpaid if they do not receive the exact payment for overtime or they do not receive rest periods or lunch breaks. Sometimes underpayment results when an employer does not pay a worker’s last wages in a timely fashion.

Find Out More About What You Can Do About an Underpayment Issue

If you are an employee who feels that you are not receiving your earnings as you should, you should contact an employment lawyer in Mattoon, IL to see how to respond to the matter. Many states have enacted strong legislation against discriminating against employees for voicing concerns about underpayment. The U.S. federal law also safeguards workers against this type of discrimination.

Are You Receiving the Proper Compensation or Respect?

One of the most fundamental rights workers have is to receive at least the minimum wage in the U.S. Whether you are not receiving enough of this form of compensation or you are not being treated fairly with respect to rest periods, you should discuss your situation with an employment lawyer now.

Stop Underpayment in Your Workplace

Any unfairness on the job should be scrutinized by an attorney who regularly handles employee claims. Allow his or her experience and background to direct you to find a resolution to any unfair payment practices. When you speak to an employment lawyer, you can go forward with a certain resolve that will allow you to exert your legal rights and receive the compensation that you are owed. Talk to a lawyer today and find out what legal remedy you can use to stop underpayment in your workplace. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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