Taking a Proactive Approach to RCM Puts You on the Winning Side


Increasingly, revenue cycle management is becoming a priority for healthcare organizations. Pressures to demonstrate value in services and tighter margins are driving this urgency. With a proactive approach to RCM healthcare, your practice can achieve revenue integrity with efficient and healthy finances.

What is Revenue Integrity?

Everyone understands the revenue cycle to include administrative, financial and clinical functions. Each area contributes to the components of patient services:

  • Capture
  • Billing
  • Collection
  • Management

Essentially, revenue integrity engages and integrates these components to ensure everything gets documented properly. This translates to being reimbursed for the right amount.

Accurately Capturing Care Affects Revenue

Before you can correct issues, you must know what is affecting how money comes into your practice. Therefore, accurately capturing and recording the care each patient receives is a critical part of ensuring full reimbursement.

For example, not selecting the right code often leads to denials and delays in payment.

Revenue Integrity Connects Financial and Clinical Departments

Another advantage of operating RCM healthcare proactively is making sure your finance team and clinical teams work together. Just as you serve patients to improve their physical health, revenue integrity allows you to take a preventative approach to the practice’s financial health.

Analyze the revenue cycle and do what is necessary to prevent things from going wrong.

We Can Help Your Practice Improve Its Financial Health

At GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, we take pride in helping our healthcare clients overcome their billing challenges. Our world-class team of professionals is ready to help you. Visit the website today for more details.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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