Symptoms You Have Sinus Problems And When To See A Specialist In Louisville, KY


What triggered your good sinuses to go bad? How do you even tell if you have sinus problems? We will cover some of the leading symptoms that confirm you have a sinus problem, and when you need to see a specialist immediately.


This is a sinus problem that affects the nasal cavities forcing them to become inflamed, swollen and infected. A virus or bacteria could cause sinus infections. Immediately you notice unbearable pain and unusual swelling, it’s time to rush to a specialist for treatment.

Nasal discharge

Certain sinus problems Louisville, KY, may have you blowing your nose a little more often than usual due to nasal discharge and congestion. If you notice an abnormal nasal discharge that changes color from yellow, green to cloudy, you may need urgent medical attention to help drain the nasal passages.

Persistent sore throats

Although sore throats could mean a lot, they are a clear indication of sinus problems in Louisville, KY. If accompanied by a hoarse voice, consider seeking medical attention to confirm if you have a sinus problem and have it treated to improve your quality of life.

Sinus headaches

The relentless swelling and pressure in your sinuses could trigger tension headaches. Sinus headaches emanate from the ears, jaws, cheeks and dental space. A specialist will guide you on how to handle these types of head pains.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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