Symptoms That May Require Memory Care Services In Bergen County NJ


Reading through a list of dementia symptoms can be very worrisome, not only for your family member but for yourself. Many people can have a few of the symptoms of memory issues, such as absent mindedness, difficult choosing the right words, and other mild cases of forgetfulness. However, when these symptoms start to really pile up and interfere with a person’s ability to take care of themselves or others, you might start considering seeking help.

Changes in Mood
Some people who begin to develop dementia or other related issues can have mood swings, such as apathy about things they were normally interested in, or sudden fits of anger or depression. These can be related to other genetic factors and simply worsened by the dementia. If a person starts threatening others or themselves under any circumstances, consider getting help right away and keeping breakable or dangerous items out of their reach.

Changes in Habit
Lots of people have a daily routine or a list of tasks they complete automatically, and sometimes they can assume they’ve done something such as turned off the coffee maker when they actually haven’t. For people who live alone or take medication daily, consistent forgetfulness can have serious consequences and lead to injury or death, and a memory care or assisted living facility could be a good option.

Changes in Perception
A classic warning sign for Alzheimer’s is difficulty recognizing friends or family, but there are other signs that someone is having difficulty reacting to the world around them. A decline in personal hygiene, difficulty walking, confusion and a difficulty in understanding directions or their location in time and space are all signs that someone may be developing dementia.

As a general rule, you should seek out a professional opinion or medical care when memory issues begin to affect a person’s daily life, or when they become a danger to themselves or others. Remember that there are levels of care beyond complete independence and total hospice care, so start the conversation with your loved one as soon as possible. Visit Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center for more information.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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