Stump Grinding in Wamego, KS Reduces Liability


John was glad when he removed a tree off his property. The tree, which was half dead, had been an eyesore for quite some time. It also looked spooky, as the limbs cast creepy shadows when the light from the garage shined over the yard at night. John was relieved. No more Halloween jokes thrown at him, even when it wasn’t Halloween.

An Increased Risk

However, John had not counted on the stump left behind to cast a new and precarious shadow on his property. With the stump projecting out of the ground, John was at an increased risk for liability. When Mel, his friend, saw the stump, he encouraged John to check about stump grinding in Wamego, KS. Mel supported his recommendation by saying, “If you don’t want someone tripping over that stump and hurting himself, you better call out somebody to have the stump removed.”

After John listened to Mel’s argument, he was convinced that he needed to find a service that featured stump grinding close to him. It wasn’t enough to just cut down the tree, you also needed to get rid of the stump to avoid any casualties. John also thought about his three-year-old grandson, Robbie. He would hate for the toddler to run through the yard and trip and fall because of the stump.

Finding a Service Provider

When John searched the term “stump grinding” on Google, he found a couple tree care services that offered this service. He made sure he contacted the provider that took care of all sorts of tree maintenance—a business that had good reviews and a good reputation locally. Once he found the company he was seeking, he felt better about deciding on this course of action.

If you have stumps in your yard that have not been removed, you need to have them ground down and eliminated to avoid problems with liability. Take measures now, as they can be as dangerous as a tree leaning over a garage. They can lead to accidents and injuries. Contact a company, such as Hummel Tree Service, today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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