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Although the use of orthodontics is usually related to straightening teeth to create a brilliant smile, the orthodontist accomplishes much more than aesthetics. When permanent teeth erupt and struggle to make room for one another, the jaw may be affected and cause a malocclusion. Bands or braces are the most effective method of preventing or fixing a malocclusion in teens and possibly young adults. Learn more about how a malocclusion is treated with dental braces in Bel Air area.

Malocclusion and the Bite

Crooked or crowded teeth that do not line up correctly can throw off the balance of the jaw. As the teeth chew, the jaw exerts an incredible force that lands on the jawbone, muscles and the joint that connects the jaw. A malocclusion or misalignment of the jaw can become painful during chewing or even speaking. Over time, the stress from the malocclusion can create intense pain that may become worse as the affected person ages.

What is the Treatment?

Your orthodontist may elect to apply Braces to the top and bottom of teeth to straighten and influence the position of teeth as they erupt and grow into the mouth. After X-rays and oral impressions, the orthodontist may remove a few teeth to make room for those preparing to come in. The braces are then tightened and adjusted over a span of one to three years to effectively straighten the teeth and align the jaw.

After the Braces: Keep Your Teeth Straight

As you age, your teeth have a tendency to move forward and protrude. Retainers are excellent devices to maintain the structure of straightened teeth and good jaw alignment once the Braces Bel Air have been removed. People may wear retainers at night while sleeping for years after their orthodontic treatment has concluded. Made of plastic and strips of metal, retainers are removable and may be worn comfortably during leisure time.

Treat Malocclusion in the Teen Years

As your teeth are coming in as a teen, the orthodontist can straighten the jaw and give you a comfortable and healthy bite. Adults can straighten their teeth with braces but may need surgery to fix the imbalance of the jaw. Be sure to correct a malocclusion in a teen to prevent future problems with the teeth or jaw.

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